Surrender Information

So you have decided to consider surrendering (donating) your horse, pony, or other barnyard is some basic information to keep in mind...

We always have a waiting list for horses to be surrendered.  The waiting period for horses can range from a few days to several months.  In the event of an emergency situation or at the request of local animal control officers, exceptions to our waiting list may be made. If you are not sure if your situation qualifies as an emergency, please check with us.
Farm and Barnyard animals can usually be taken in sooner, and we currently have no waiting list for barnyard/farm companions. 
If you would like to be placed on the waiting list to surrender your horse, just let us know.
In order to put your horse or pony on the list, we will need the following basic info: breed, age, height, soundness issues, behavioral issues, training, temperament, reason for surrendering and any other pertinent information you can provide to help us help place your horse or pony.
When we have space to take your horse or pony, here is the list of what needs to accompany him or her:
*For EQUINE animals give us the completed Surrender Form (Please click here to download our Surrender Form for Horses and Ponies)
*Current (negative) Coggins test (within 30 days)
*Current Health Certificate (within 30 days)
*Proof of current vaccinations and worming (within 120 days)
*Recently trimmed or shod (within 30 days)
*Well fitting halter and lead rope
*Winter Blanket
*Complete History, including training, level rider required (if trained to ride) past and present health and soundness records, any medical or behavioral problems/issues, overall temperament, etc.
*Please also include what type of home/situation you think your horse/pony would do best in
*Surrender fee $450 (tax deductible)
*Any tack that you would be willing to donate with her that fits above animal (also tax deductible) 
Transportation to our facility is the responsibility of the surrendering owner. In the event that the surrendering owner cannot or will not transport the horse or pony to our facility, arrangements can be made, at surrendering owners expense, with our barn manager to transport the surrendered horse or pony. Generally speaking, depending on location and mileage, local transport usually runs between $35-$75/per animal
For NON EQUINE Surrendered animals (including but not limited to: farm and barnyard animals, i.e., goats, sheep, pigs, llamas, alpacas, chickens, ducks, turkeys, other birds/fowl, cattle, etc.)
We will need the following:
*Competed surrender form (Please click here to download our Surrender Form for Non Equine Animals)
*Surrender fees for NON EQUINE animals are as follows (remember, surrender fees are tax deductible)
       For birds (any size) $5/per bird
       For small  animals (under 150lbs) $25
       For large animals (i.e., adult llamas, adult alpacas, large goats and pigs over 150lbs, etc) $75
       For cattle  (any age/size) $100
*Proof of current vaccinations (when applicable)
*Complete history, including temperament, reason for surrendering, medical history, vaccination, worming and hoof care records (where applicable) and training or "skills" (i.e., packing, herd guard, etc.)
Transportation of surrendered animal(s) to our facility is the responsibility of the surrendering owner.  If you are unable or unwilling to provide transportation for your animal(s) arrangements can be made at owners expense with our barn manager to transport the surrendered animal(s) Usually this will run between $35-$75, depending on location and mileage.
If you would like to surrender your horse, pony, farm or barnyard animal, but need assistance with surrender fees, please check with us.  We do have a limited scholarship program available to help offset the cost of surrendering your horse, pony, farm or barnyard pet. 
If you have any questions, or would like more information or to be put on the waiting list, please feel free to contact us.