Adoption Information
Anyone can buy a horse; however, it takes a special person to adopt one!
Knick O’Time Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation (KOTHRR) Adoption Information


Overall Process 

If you are interested in adopting one of our rescued or donated equines, you should expect the following: 

  1. The adoption application must be filled out and returned indicating which horse/equine you are interested in.  From this information, we will determine if you are a good match to the horse in which you are inquiring about.  Please contact us within 7 days of submitting the form to discuss the adoption.
  2. We will talk with the references that you provide.​
  3. If we feel you may be a good match with the horse then you can set up a time to come and visit the horse and us.  Please call or email to set up the time.
  4. If you come and visit the horse you would like to adopt and we feel the horse would be a good match for your family, a non-refundable deposit will be required to hold the horse while you arrange for transportation to your house or boarding facility.  The adopter is responsible for this transportation.
  5. The adoption contract needs to be agreed to and signed before the horse leaves our facility.
  6. KOTHRR reserves the right to refuse any adoption for reasons upon its own discretion.

Important Requirements 

Below are important requirements, please read carefully before you fill out the adoption application: 

  1. Please write on a separate sheet an outline of your horse experience.​
  2. Under the Inca Program, KOTHRR retains lifetime ownership of the equine.  (see below)
  3. Adopted horses must be provided with a healthy living environment, regular veterinary care, hoof care, and proper feeding.
  4. Should you want to re-sell the horse (not in the Inca Program), we would like to reserve first choice to take the horse back or, as a very important aspect of our placement efforts, or at a minimum, be notified of the horse’s destination.
  5. Any individual with any type of (past or present) charges or conviction of animal cruelty will be prohibited from adopting a horse through KOTHRR.  If in the event adopter is ever convicted of any type of animal cruelty or neglect, the horse is to be returned to KOTHRR at adopter’s expense and ownership transferred back to KOTHRR.
  6. Under no circumstances will the horse allowed to be traded, sold or given to any auction or horse/livestock dealer for slaughter.
  7. If and/or when the event should arise where it is deemed necessary to humanely euthanize the horse, it is required that a licensed veterinarian perform the euthanasia. 


Non-refundable Deposits: 

Deposits are required to hold a horse until the adoption is finalized.  There is a $100 minimum deposit, which is non-refundable if the adopter backs out of the adoption for any reason.  This is to ensure a commitment from the adopter, as we will make the horse unavailable to other potential adoptive homes.  We do this because we have held horses for people in the past, turning down other inquiries assuming the horse will have a new home only to have the people back out of the adoption.  The deposit will be applied towards the adoption fee. 

Adoption Fees: 

Adoption fees vary, but usually will range from $650 to $2500.  The fee is determined by the purchase price of the horse (usually slaughter price), transportation to KOTHRR, farrier and veterinarian costs, medical supplies, de-worming products, etc., plus a nominal stipend to cover feed and supplements.  Each individual horse’s soundness, suitability, training, age, future uses and temperament are also taken into account when determining the adoption feel.  Occasionally, horses of greater value become available through KOTHRR and their adoption fees may be compatible with fair market value.  Adoption fees are non refundable.  However, under certain circumstances, the fee may be applied towards the adoption of another horse.   The adoption fee can be discounted up to 50% for horse in the Inca Program (see below). 

The Inca Program 

Some of our horses that come into KOTHRR are eligible for adoption through the INCA program. Under this program, KOTHRR will discount the adoption fee by up to 50%.  In return, KOTHRR will retain lifetime ownership of the horse.   This program guarantees that if the adoptive home becomes unable or unwilling to keep the horse or decides that the horse no longer meets their needs and requirements, the horse will be returned to KOTHRR.  This ensures that the horse can never be sold, traded, transferred or given away.  This program is only available to horses adopted within the state of Colorado, and certain restrictions and requirements will apply.