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Welcome to our newest pilot program, KOT Kitten Korner. Our mission in starting KOT's Kitten Korner is to assist both Colorado based and out of state shelters and rescue organizations with finding responsible homes for kittens who may otherwise be euthanized.  Many of the shelters and rescue organizations we partner with are faced with incredible overpopulation issues, lack of funding, lack of community involvement, large unaltered pet populations and lack of adoptive homes for so many animals.  In many of these areas, euthanasia is an unfortunate outcome for the majority of the animals that go through the shelter system. By starting up KOT Kitten Korner, we are hoping to help as many kittens as we can responsibly, even if it is just a few at a time.

As KOTHRR does not own its own facility, our kittens come into our program and go directly  into experienced foster homes.  Once in foster homes, our kittens can decompress from the stress of shelter life and transport (sometimes hundreds of miles), and begin to feel safe. As they adjust to foster home life, they can develop the skills necessary to become happy, well adjusted companions. We strive to socialize our kittens to not only living with people, but to gain experience and confidence in living with a variety of other pets as well.

All of our kittens are vetted before arrival. Our kitten adoption fees are $150, and that includes spay or neuter, age appropriate vaccinations, deworming,  and microchip.  Our kittens often come in quite young, and do not always reach surgical weight requirements for spay/neuter procedure prior to adoption. In the event a kitten is adopted prior to being spayed or neutered, a spay/neuter deposit of $100, separate from the adoption fee, is required at time of adoption. This deposit is FULLY refundable with proof of spay/neuter completion.  If the procedure is done at one of our partner clinics, KOTHRR covers the cost of the spay/neuter entirely, as well as covers the expense of post surgical pain meds.  Currently we have partner veterinary clinics in Berthoud, CO and Thornton, CO.  Please feel free to contact us for more information about this!

In order to provide the most current information and kittens available for adoption, please visit KOT Kitten Korner on Facebook!  We are able to update that page more often and with more photos than here.

Thanks for considering adoption!

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