How You Can Help

How to donate outright:
Personal and/or business checks of any amount may be made out to KOTHRR, 14509 North 83rd Street, Longmont, CO 80503.  Donations can also be made through PayPal, please click on the PayPal Donation Logo below.

Cash, donated items, services, etc., can be made in person at our 83rd St. facility, or mailed in to the same address. 
How to Sponsor a Horse:
As you may imagine, caring for these neglected, abused and/or slaughter horses can be a very expensive endeavor.  Each of our wonderful horses costs KOTHRR an average of $250 to $450 per month, depending on the shape they came in.  This cost includes grain, hay, bedding, shoeing, supplements, farrier (hoof care) and specialized veterinary services.  We 
would like to offer you the opportunity to sponsor one of our horses until we find them an adoption home. 
Levels of Sponsorship:
1-year        $1500 - $2000
8-month     $1000
6-month     $750
3-month     $375 (Basic expenses)
1-month     $125 (Basic expenses)
You can also help us by sponsoring a special service for one of the horses:
Sponsor a trailer ride from the Slaughter Sale (1/2 tank/gas...average $45-$50)
Sponsor a visit for the equine dentist (average $90) 
Sponsor a trim ($40) or basic set of shoes ($95)  
Other Ways to Donate:
Purchase one of the beautiful pieces of artwork.  Just click on the Artwork button above 
to the left.
Purchase our 2019 Calendar here
Volunteers Needed -- KOTHRR is 100% volunteer run and relies soley on our volunteers 
to keep things running and horses cared for. We can use volunteers with all skill sets from 
mucking to administration, and everything in between, so please contact us if you are 
interested in helping.
veterinary care
equine dental care
farrier work
horse chiropractic/massage
office and administration assistance
advertising/public relations
repairs and improvements around the farm
Any new and used tack (serviceable and safe please)
Any new and used stable supplies, barn equipment, etc
Fencing supplies
haynets and hay bags
portable panels 
You can also shop for your new tack and supplies through the Country Care program at Country Supply.  They will donate a percentage of your purchase to KOTHRR.  Please click on the card below and you will automatically be sent to Country Supply's website.
Wish List: 
We sincerely appreciate donations of tack, stable supplies, equipment, services, feed, hay etc...all donations are tax deductible.  More specifically, we really need the below items:
Really Small stuff:
Fly spray ($15)
Hoof conditioner ($24)
Iodine ($15)
Farrier visits ($40-$135)
Chiropractic visits ($45-$95/visit)
Paste de-wormers ($15)
Vaccinations ($50-$120)
Small stuff:
Medium or Large Tire feeders ($65/ea)
Rubber Mats for X-Ray Area ($65/ea)
Hoses 2 x 50', 1 x 25' ($30/ea)
Small Feed/bathing buckets ($6/ea)
Weatherproof breathable winter blankets ($225 ea)
Medium or Large Rubber feed pans ($12/ea)
Monthly stuff:
1 month supply Equine Senior ($13/bag)
1 month supply Alfalfa cubes ($9/bag)
1 month shavings ($5/bag)
1 month beet pulp ($11/bag)
1 month supply Rice bran ($24/bag)
Stacks of Grass and Alfalfa hay $750+ (we go through ALOT)
Big Stuff:
small tractor ($8000)
Loafing shed with elec, water and feed area ($7200)
Fencing and auto water ($2300)
Veterinary stocks ($3500)
Misc Needs:
Manure hauling ($450-$600/load)
Veterinary incidents ($200-$3500/incident)
Trailer maintenance ($350/year)
Truck Fuel ($90/fill up)
Contract Labor (fence repair, plumbing, elec, etc) ($15-$75/hour)
Although it does not happen often, sometimes humane euthanasia is the most dignified
and compassionate last gesture we can offer these magniciant creatures: 
Euthanasia service ($150-$300)
Carcass hauling ($275-$550/per incident)